About me: I am passionate about images and videos

David Andres, photo de profil

David Andres

Corporate, events, real estate, fashion, weddings videos, music videos and short films.

In order to offer you a complete service, I can also edit and calibrate for you.

As far as I remember, pictures have always had a great impact on my dreams and creativity. From the first Disney film that amazed me to the first shoot that resonated with me, I told myself that one day it will be my turn to show the people around me my vision of the world.

Increasing knowledge

I trained myself while working in an airport for 8 years, in between two planes I developed my video and photo skills thanks to some tutorials and people who guided me along my path.

India, a key journey

My 2011 trip to India, influenced my life giving me the desire to film, to put my feelings into pictures… a glidecam and a 60d at the beginning of my adventure.